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Only in the void of silence can you hear the heartbeat of the world.

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Sound of Silence Cover

Combining poetic prose and breathtaking photography, Fred Hunt takes the reader on an inspiring journey through the beautiful American Southwest. Sharing his thoughts and unique photographic vision as he comes to terms with alcoholism, recovery, and the early demise of close friends from the disease of alcoholism.

In 2010, Fred Hunt had given up being a photographer. Writing and creating art were painful memories, belonging to someone he thought he’d lost forever. On October 31, 2010, Hunt sought help at Valley Hope Treatment Center, and it saved his life. In the seven months that followed, he took the journey covered in this book, and lost two close friends to the disease of alcoholism.

“It is a journey of experience, strength and hope. I went from nearly dying, to seeing the world in bright colors. I still wonder why I am alive and my friends are not. I can only guess I simply got help in time. I hope this book can inspire someone to do the same.”
– Fred Hunt

The Sound of Silence: A Journey of Recovery contains 67 pages of the author’s trip through the Four Corners area including Southeastern Colorado, Northern New Mexico, Northern Arizona and South Central Utah. There are 25 original images of the Southwest seen through Hunt’s colorful vision side-by-side with 25 pieces of his own prose. The story of Fred Hunt’s journey of recovery and loss is told near the end, and is followed by an emotional message to his Mother and all mothers. This book will truly touch your heart and soul.

If you or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism, please get help before it is too late. A new life is possible but it can’t be done alone.

Part of the proceeds are given to the Valley Hope Foundation and their fight to help save lives.

5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for Hard Cover

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Jenni Rajewski on November 15, 2012:

    We all deal with grief in different ways. It is one emotion that can drop us to our knees, make us plead for relief. Grief comes from death, the death of those we love; but it also comes from life. We live in dreams, hopes and prayers; we create in our minds a life we cannot or do not live but desire strongly. Only when we wake up can we stop grieving for the unlived life and start living the life we have. “Sound of Silence” is that awakening. It’s one persons journey to recovery and forgiveness, but its message and the hope it can give is meant for us all. It is a tribute to friends gone before their time that Fred is using his art to give back to Valley Hope and that is commendable, but this book is so much more. In it we can see the beauty in the world around us, if only we open our eyes and look. And in it there is hope, for a life lived, not a life we only dream of. Losing someone you love can crush your soul, it can end you. I believe Puppet would be proud of this book, proud of Fred and urge us all to live life.

    Purchase “Sound of Silence” for the beautiful imagery, for the cause it supports, for the friends it honors; it makes no difference why you take a moment to read the book and look through the pictures, what’s important is that when you look through it you see hope, because that’s what it’s about, and truthfully that’s what we all need in life, hope.

    – Jenni Rajewski, Kansas

  2. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Melissa J. on November 8, 2012:

    The Sound of Silence is an incredibly inspiring work of art. I strongly recommend! The author’s journey is one we can all learn from. His words paint images just as beautiful as the photographs next to them. In digesting the stories, poetry, and images, I found myself reflecting upon my own life journey and realizing how important it is to cast your fears aside and make the leap of faith. To quote the author, “We have just this moment. Only today. Soon the sands will shift and move away. The shadows we cast are different each day.”
    – Melissa J., Florida

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