Two years ago today

Two years ago today, I got a second chance at life. Most days I wonder why I made it and others did not. Each and every day I am grateful and I try to be a little more worthy of it then I was the day before.

As with anyone starting over, I don’t have much to offer the world. All I really have is my story. It’s a simple story really, and does not take long to tell. But in telling it, I hope to do my part in shedding light, and maybe a little hope, on a continuing tragedy.

There is an unspoken epidemic in America, which is killing thousands. Most people are unaware of it. It is never reported in the news or the obituaries. Hospitals do not list it as the cause of death, and families either do not know or do not want it publicized.

Yes, they tell you being an alcoholic can kill you. I thought that was for the old guys- the ones that had been drinking forever. I had no idea this was killing people in their 30s.  I didn’t know until it was almost too late. I am still astounded by what I’ve learned, now that the blinders are off.

Within my first year of sobriety, in our small Kansas town, I knew four people who died directly from drinking alcohol. Three of them were my friends and drinking companions.

These people are not who you would think they would be. They are: the guy who prints your newspaper, the minister that married you, your mechanic, and the convenience store clerk that was always so nice. These people were in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. They were not the homeless winos shown on tv.  They were kind, funny, intelligent, and talented. They were everyday people… just like me.

All I have is my story as it is told in the Sound of Silence. I can only hope it will light a spark of hope in someone who needs it. For the next two weeks, The Sound of Silence: A Journey of Recovery, will be available for 20% off at or the links below!

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30% of the proceeds will go to the Valley Hope Foundation and their continued effort to save lives, just as they did mine.

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